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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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Moonage the story


From a little village in the Netherlands between the Dutch cows, all the way to a small exotic island; two young women with the desire to travel the world crossed oceans and found their new home in Bali. A normal life wasn’t enough for them, they had a vibrant hope for the unknown. A heart filled with island vibes, freedom and most of all: a place where they could create something new.


Bali life

Living on Bali is a different kind of life. Both woman fell in love with this lifestyle; always being surrounded by nature, driving a motorbike between the rice fields, practicing yoga underneath palm trees and daily beach walks with their rescued dogs. To live close with nature, means to live with the sun and the moon, waking up with sunrise and take a moment of reflection around sunset time; a walk on the beach and simply watch the sun goes down in the beautiful ocean.

How these two woman describe themselves: ‘oh I’m such a look at the sky person’, ‘look at the sunset’, ‘look at the moon’ or a ‘let’s stay in the car to listen to the rest of the song’, type of person.

Like the moon goes through phrases, these two young woman also have their own journey, a life abroad brings lots of adventures and never gets this woman bored. Wanderlust will always consume them, the moon never will stop these two woman to look up, keeping the spirit alive and believe in all the beauty of life.



The two souls got inspired by the local lifestyle. Balinese people create the most beautiful handmade treasures with a unique designs. The two woman brought their creative minds together and designed rattan bags together with the local Balinese community. All products are different and unique and made with love. The Moonage bags are created with the inspiration of the sun and the moon; the cycle of life.

Exactly this story is the inspiration for Moonage. The sustainable label supports the local Balinese community. Every piece is unique and handmade.  The handmade rattan products are inspired by the moon and the Bali lifestyle. Moonage creates rattan products for real people, made by real people. With sustainability at heart, Moonage always tries to create ecofriendly products. The aim of Moonage is to create products in a responsible way. This means creating bags which support the local Balinese community and the future of planet earth.

About us 


Moonage believes in taking responsibility for their actions; this means to think about the environment and our next generation.  Eco-conscious is one of the key points of our philosophy. We believe in reuse, reduce and recycle. We are conscious, think organic and love the earth.  We are a plastic free and zero waste label. Our mission is to inspire others to save mother earth and to run our label without damaging other elements.


We love the earth

Bali dogs. With our big love for animals, especially the street dogs in Bali, we will help the Bali dogs. Sadly, there are mant strays, sick and dumped dogs in Bali. We do our best to help street dogs in Bali and to give them a better life. For more information about Bali dogs please visit:

Bye bye plastic. Living in Bali shows us one of the biggest problem of the island: plastic. Plastic has become a serious waste problem. Every year eight million ton of plastic disappears into the ocean. Another problem is the amount of pollution caused by the manufacture of plastic. As we care about the ocean and the environment we decided to be a plastic free label.


We love the new generation

Moonage is an ethically fashionable bag label. We share our stories to inspire the current and future generation of strong, young women. Our aim is to create a new story. This simply means showing real women, with real bodies and real visions, without using any Photoshop. Moonage muses are young, ambitious women who are beautiful from the inside and out. Our goal is to inspire the next generation that inner peace is the new success, health is the new wealth and kindness is the new cool. We want to teach that beauty is not only about a pretty face, it is all about having a pretty mind, heart and soul. A priority for us is to make young women aware of their own qualities and talents. To make them believe in themselves and to help them discover the love for their body & mind and others.




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